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Mango is One of the Most Popular Fruits in the World - But How Good is Your Mango Smoothie Mix?

Mango is One of the Most Popular Fruits in the World - But How Good is Your Mango Smoothie Mix?

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing Mango smoothie on a hot summer day. Not only are smoothies convenient but they offer a wide variety of health benefits. Plus, with the many flavors available, everyone can find a flavor for their specific taste. With the ease of being able to store your smoothie mix in the refrigerator you are now able to whip up a fresh batch of smoothies from the comfort of your own home. That first invigorating sip of a smoothie will leave you wanting more and feeling happy there’s plenty of smoothie mix left in your refrigerator.



Why Buy Bottled?


A smoothie is always enjoyable, however taking a daily trip to the local smoothie bar isn’t always easy and with the cost of produce making a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie can be pricey. Now imagine no longer needing to fill your refrigerator with expensive produce, no longer needing to chop or peel fruit and still being able to enjoy the health benefits of a delicious smoothie. Having a bottle or two of your favorite smoothie mix will allow for all of the benefits with virtually no mess. At less than a dollar and sixty cents per serving making a smoothie at home is now more cost effective and convenient then ever. Just open a bottle of mango smoothie puree or whatever flavor you like pour a little in the blender with some ice or even yogurt and blend.





People should always want to know what’s in their food and beverage and finding a product that isn’t filled with sugar, preservatives, and GMO’s to some seems impossible. An all natural mango smoothie mix for example should have mango juice or mango puree as the first ingredient. Look for a smoothie mix that’s all natural, contains no artificial colors or flavors, and will actually count for some of your daily fruit servings. For anyone with dietary restrictions such as gluten or lactose intolerance, finding a delicious home smoothie option can be difficult. Luckily, brands like Smartfruit understand your needs and have worked hard to develop a great tasting smoothie mix that anyone can enjoy. Smartfruit Mellow Mango smoothie mix is made with Ataulfo type of mangoes, which are extremely flavorful. It also contains an immunity boost, a complex of Zinc, Vitamin C, Selenium and Echinacea to keep you healthy. If you’re going to start making smoothies at home don’t settle for an inferior product, find a product with an added boost that will not only taste amazing but have amazing health benefits.

If you love smoothies or you’re new to the home-made smoothie world, be sure to find a smoothie mix with quality ingredients, one that provides all the essential nutrients found in fresh fruit and vegetables, and one that has all the health benefits you’d expect from anything prepared at your local juice stand. If you’re looking for a specific flavor of smoothie, or you aren’t entirely sure which home smoothie mix is right for you try contacting the manufacturer directly. They will be more then happy to answer any and all of your questions and help find you the smoothie mix that’s right for you.

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